When was pablo picasso's first art exhibit held?

Answer According to the National Gallery of Art, Pablo Picasso's first solo art exhibition was held in 1900. It took place at a tavern in Barcelona that Picasso and other artists frequented called Els Qua... Read More »

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Moms, what was the first thought that came to your mind when you first held your baby?

I looked at him and thought what a slimy, purple, screaming, slippery, perfect little person! I kept thinking how nothing in the world had affected him yet, that he was so pure and perfect and unta... Read More »

When was the first Canadian Thanksgiving held?

Sir Martin Frobisher, an explorer and naval officer from Great Britain, held Canada's first Thanksgiving celebration in 1578 in Newfoundland. He held the ceremony to give thanks for his safe journe... Read More »

When was the first national thanksgiving held?

The first national Thanksgiving was observed Nov. 26, 1789, by the proclamation of President George Washington. Thanksgiving was not declared a national holiday until Oct. 3, 1863, when President A... Read More »

When was the first soccer game held?

Eton College in England has the first record of rules for soccer. They likely held the first soccer game that resembles soccer today. There are written records dating back almost 2,000 years mentio... Read More »