When was map-making invented?

Answer Map-making, more formally known as cartography, has existed for thousands of years. The date of the earliest maps is not certain. One likely wall map in the ancient city of Catal Huyuk in Turkey is... Read More »

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When making Applebee's red berry Sangria, how much juice do i use when making it w/ a large bottle(1.5L)Cab?

The change in wine makes it a different drink but close enough. Use 1.5L of the juice.

Who invented the ice making machine?

Thaddeus Lowe, a native of New Hampshire, invented the first commercial ice-making machine. He compressed carbon dioxide into dry ice to store beef. He began selling his machine in Dallas in 1866.S... Read More »

Who invented the making of electricity with magnets?

The theory of electromagnetism was put forth by Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894), a German physicist. Hertz built the first electromagnet, designed to use magnets to produce electricity, based on James C... Read More »

Can I put in the dye when melting the marshmallows when making fondant?

You should knead in the food coloring just to make sure it doesn't get ruined