When was it required to receive the hib vaccine?

Answer Haemophilus influenzae type b, also known as Hib disease, often affects children under five years old. Hib disease was the leading cause of bacterial meningitis before the vaccine was available, ac... Read More »

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How close together can one receive the seasonal flu vaccine and the swine flu vaccine?

They can be given at the same time, just not in the exact same location and the vaccines can not be mixed into one shot, they have to be given in two injections.

When should a newborn receive their first mmr vaccine?

The Centers for Disease Control establish guidelines every year for the Immunization Schedule. The link has been posted here in Wiki. Scroll down to "Related Links"

Are you contagious after you receive the MMR vaccine?

A vaccine STOPS you catching diseases and therefore being contagious. There is nothing in you that other people can catch!

DTP vaccine how many are required?