When was insulation first made?

Answer Insulation has been around almost as long as humans had dwellings. Asbestos has been used as insulation as far back as 3,000 years ago, used in chinking to fill in the cracks of log homes in what i... Read More »

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What is roll out insulation made of?

Fiberglass undergoes a process called pultrusion, in which it is formed into long, thin strands. These strands are woven loosely together in layers to form a dense, cottony material which is covere... Read More »

How Is Fiberglass Insulation Made?

It starts with sand. Fiberglass is literally a fiber spun from molten glass, and silica sand is the main ingredient in glass production. Glass fiber is used in applications as varied as boat hulls ... Read More »

What is Owens corning insulation made of?

well this is a hard one to answer sorta like asking what motor is in a Chevy when there are multiple different models but anyhow most of it is fiberglass but they do also have Styrofoam

What is automotive hood insulation made of?

Automobile hood insulation is used as a sound dampener and fire retardant. The material varies depending on the manufacturer, but usually consists of either fiberglass matting or closed cell vinyl-... Read More »