When was indoor paneling invented?

Answer Simple wood paneling first appeared on doors in Greco-Roman era architecture between 332 BC and 640 AD. Interior design during the Gothic period used wood paneling extensively on walls and furnitu... Read More »

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Tips for Painting Mobile Home Indoor Paneling?

You no longer need to remove paneling from the walls to update the decor in a room. Paint paneling in a mobile home to freshen the look of the room or to cover dark paneling with a more contemporar... Read More »

When was indoor plumbing invented?

Answer Since there are so many different advances in "indoor plumbing" recorded from many time periods it is hard to be precise.I found this webiste to be of much help. Read More »

Who invented indoor plumbing?

Inventing of Indoor Plumbing A guy by the name of Crapper, YES, that WAS his name. Crapper Answer Actually, Thomas Crapper is only credited with inventing an indoor toilet in Elizabethan times. Thi... Read More »

How much will it cost to make an indoor garden and indoor pond?

Well a huge part of your question is how much the matierals are that you want to use. Some plants can be really reasonable and others can be expensive. What kind of fish you use will also made a di... Read More »