When was gospel music invented?

Answer According to PBS, Thomas Dorsey, the son of a preacher and "the father of gospel music," invented gospel music during the early 1930s. Dorsey's best-known composition is "Take My Hand, Precious Lor... Read More »

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When did gospel music first begin?

Gospel music is thought to be a coming together of Christian beliefs and the influence of African worship styles. It was prior to 1867 that the work songs of African American slaves began to take o... Read More »

Is gospel music older than country music?

Yes. Gospel music was first notably established in 1899, while country was first notably established in the 1920s. Many historians actually credit gospel music as a major influence on country music... Read More »

Who created Gospel music?

Thomas Dorsey, the son of a minister and a jazz musician who performed alongside Ma Rainey, is credited with creating Gospel music in the 1930s. He combined blues music and religious texts to form ... Read More »

Who started gospel music?

The founder of Gospel music is considered to be Thomas A. Dorsey, who began his musical career as a blues pianist in Chicago but soon developed a love for religious music after his wife and child d... Read More »