What is the use of google android and when was it invented?

Answer Google Android is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It was invented eleven months ago by Google.

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Why am I being redirected to google sites when I try to visit a public non-google site?

Hi, I have the same issue! And as far as I sweetly know, I havnt broken any rules or conduct, Ive been using the forums at Age of Kings Heaven the same way I have been since I joined. I just was on... Read More »

How come when i search something on Google then click the link it opens up a new page(Google Chrome Browser)?

its in the search search something (anything!), then go to the options wrench (on the side), then click on search settings, then uncheck the box that says Where results open: Open e... Read More »

Why redirect me to Google Ukraine when I am in India?

Set you homepage to :)Remember .in means Indian domain

Who invented google streets?

The iPhone's App Store has way more, AND all in ONE place.