When was fossil fuel discovered?

Answer Coal may have been used as fuel in prehistoric times. The ancient Egyptians used oil in the preparation and preservation of mummies. Chinese writings indicate coal was dug for fires at least 3,000 ... Read More »

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Who discovered the first fossil fuel?

It is not known who discovered the first fossil fuel, however it is known that fossil fuels have been used since the time of the caveman. Cavemen discovered how to generate heat by burning peat, wh... Read More »

When was the first fossil discovered?

Fossils have been found by humans throughout most of recorded history, with mentions of them dating back thousands of years in ancient China. The fossil that brought about the scientific classifica... Read More »

When did the fossil fuel animals live?

The major period for coal and oil formation is called the Carboniferous Period, dating from 354 million years ago to 290 million years ago. Tetrapods (four-legged land animals) included early amphi... Read More »

What scientist discovered fossil fuels?

It's not known who discovered coal, or "rock oil," as it was once called. Humans began using these fuels so long ago that the name of the discoverer is lost to history. It's believed that the Chine... Read More »