When was forensic science first used?

Answer The first documented use of forensic science was in 1248. A Chinese book "Xi Yuan Ji Lu" or "Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified," contained descriptions of how to distinguish a death due to dro... Read More »

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When was forensic science first used in the United States?

In 1877, a microscopist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture named Thomas Taylor made the suggestion to use palm and fingerprints to identify individuals because all the prints were unique. The p... Read More »

When was forensic science first practiced?

Modern forensic science first found its way into general practice in 1903. The case of an inmate named Will West convinced detectives that fingerprint identification is a reliable method of investi... Read More »

When was forensic pathology first used?

There is no record of when forensic pathology was first used, but the field's origin is traced to a book published in China in 1248 called the "Hsi Duan Yu," which means the washing away of wrongs,... Read More »

How Is Gel Electrophoresis Used in Forensic Science?

Gel electrophoresis is a method to separate and view macromolecules (large molecules, such as DNA, RNA and proteins). Gel electrophoresis used in forensic science is a way to analyze DNA. Because t... Read More »