When was dna technology first used in forensics?

Answer According to the National Academies Press, DNA technology was first used in forensics work beginning in 1985 in the United Kingdom. Commercial laboratories in the United States first used it in 198... Read More »

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DNA technology and forensics?

DNA can be used to identify any type of living organism. This is done by analyzing DNA sequences that are unique to a species. The field of forensic science uses DNA analysis to identify individual... Read More »

Forensics Technology Schools?

Forensic technology is the processes of using knowledge and tools to answer questions of interest in relation to crimes and crime scenes. Many schools offer forensic technology or forensic science ... Read More »

DNA Technology in Forensics & Ethics?

DNA technology is invaluable in forensic science, where investigators try to find clues to identify the perpetrator of a crime. DNA fingerprinting offers detectives the ability to compare DNA from ... Read More »

How has technology affected forensics?

Advances in technology have had a significant effect on police work. Some crimes that could not be resolved by normal investigative techniques are solved now in a crime laboratory.Trace EvidenceOne... Read More »