When was conference calling invented?

Answer Conference calling was invented by American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) in the early 1960's. The device, known as the Picturephone, launched the concept of conference calling as it is currently ... Read More »

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What is web conference calling?

Web conferences allow members of a company to hold a meeting, view a presentation or have an informal conference from remote locations. It allows for steady data transmission, ensuring that compani... Read More »

How does conference calling work?

Conference calling is a meeting over the phone involving more than two callers on other lines. Companies typically use conference calling when it is hard for all parties to attend a meeting in pers... Read More »

Was conference calling around in the 1980s?

An unrefined video conference system called Picturephone was tested in 1956, but modern video conference calling was invented in 1964, when AT&T introduced the first video conference-capable teleph... Read More »

Does the iPhone have conference calling?

The Apple iPhone has a conference call feature. According to, you merge the calls together after you dial the numbers. You can remove a caller, add another line or block one call from the... Read More »