When was computer animation used for the first time?

Answer According to the library at, computer animation was used for the first time in approximately 1963. The software, Design Augmented by Computers (or DAC), was developed by IBM and Gene... Read More »

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What is computer-assisted animation?

Computer-assisted animation is used on an animated feature for a number of reasons. Additionally, computer-assisted animation can be used for both traditional 2D and 3D animation to enhance the ove... Read More »

Brief History of Computer Animation?

Most animation projects are enhanced by or are entirely created on computers. Live action films use 3-D computer animation to create other worlds or save the filmmakers some tedious or costly steps... Read More »

Who invented computer animation&when?

According to Library Think Quest, computer animation was developed about 40 years ago by General Motors and IBM, who invented a computer drawing program called Design Augmented by Computers (DAC). ... Read More »

Computer Animation Terms?

Computer animation uses computers to create moving images. Animation may be made for computers, as with computer games and Internet cartoons; or used for TV or movies. This is called CGI -- compute... Read More »