When was composting discovered?

Answer The practice of composting dates back to prehistoric times when farmers figured out they could mix manure with straw and other organic debris to create a nutrient-rich soil material. While compost... Read More »

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When were the Fiji Islands discovered& who discovered them?

The original inhabitants of the islands of Fiji came from Melanesia some 3,500 years ago. Dutch explorer Abel Janzsoon Tasman sighted the northeast islands of Fiji in 1643. British Captain James Co... Read More »

When was the GMO discovered?

Genetically modified organisms, or GMO, were first discovered in 1973. The discovery of DNA and the recombinant microbe helped in the discovery of GMO. The development of GMO can be used to prevent... Read More »

When was RDX discovered?

RDX, which is commonly found in explosives, was discovered in the late 1890s. It was first considered for use as a medicine until the 1920s when it was found to be explosive.Source:University of No... Read More »

When was recombinant DNA discovered?

Recombinant DNA---DNA containing information from two different species---was first produced in 1972, according to the book "Microbiology," by Jacquelyn Black, Ph.D. Generally, transfer of genes fr... Read More »