When was color paper invented?

Answer Colored paper originated in England. In 1796, Thomas Cobb patented the first method of dyeing pulp. These first colored papers were blue, brown and olive. Before then, paper was only in various col... Read More »

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When were color TVs invented?

RCA made the first commercially available color television set, the CT-100. It was approved by the FCC and was available for sale in 1954 for about $1,000. However, most television was not broadcas... Read More »

When was color photography invented?

AnswerThe first color plate, Autochrome, invented by the French Lumière brothers, reached the market in 1907. it took them a long while to be able to make a lard big enough to fit the pot. It was ... Read More »

When was the first color printer invented?

The first color printer was invented in the 1977. It was a dot matrix printer. Color was achieved using a four-color ribbon. Color printing for the inkjet printer was introduced in 1984.Source:Goog... Read More »

What color was Coke when it was first invented?

Ever since it was invented in 1886, the Coca-Cola soft drink has been brown. However, it's been rumored that Coke started out green, likely because it was originally packaged in green bottles.Sourc... Read More »