When was color photography first used in China?

Answer 2/5/98

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When was color photography first used?

It was a Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell who took first permanent color photo in 1861.

When was the word photography first used?

The wordphotography was first used in 1839, by Sir John Herschel when the process of photography became known. It is from the Greek words for light and writing.

When was color first used in movies?

Color travelogues appeared in the movies as early as 1906, but the first 100 percent color film---"The Gulf Between"---didn't appear until 1917. Coloring was an expensive process in the early years... Read More »

Who was the first successful color photography?

The first permanent photographically made color picture was demonstrated in 1861 by Clerk J. Maxwell a Scottish physicist. He directed a photographer friend, Thomas Sutton to take three black & whi... Read More »