When was color paper invented?

Answer Colored paper originated in England. In 1796, Thomas Cobb patented the first method of dyeing pulp. These first colored papers were blue, brown and olive. Before then, paper was only in various col... Read More »

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When was paper currency invented?

Paper money was first invented in China in 650 AD. They paper currency was called value tokens and the people found it more convenient to carry than heavy coins. Europeans did not start using paper... Read More »

When was the brown paper bag invented?

The brown paper bag was invented in 1852 by Francis Wolle. The bag has developed through the years and also can be credited to Margaret Wright. In 1867, she created the boxed bottom, which allows ... Read More »

When was construction paper invented?

According to Joan Irving, an art conservationist, the first recorded sale of construction paper was in the late 19th century. Construction paper, a new product, was a featured school supply in the ... Read More »

When was carbon paper invented?

Carbon paper was invented by English inventor Ralph Wedgewood in 1806 when he patented the Manifold Writer. Carbon paper enables users to make a simultaneous copy -- or several -- of any document w... Read More »