When was color paper invented?

Answer Colored paper originated in England. In 1796, Thomas Cobb patented the first method of dyeing pulp. These first colored papers were blue, brown and olive. Before then, paper was only in various col... Read More »

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Who invented the paper cup?

Paper cups were introduced in 1907 by Lawrence Luellen. Luellen designed the cups and an ice-cooled water-vending machine to replace the unhygienic "public cup" system that was standard on trains a... Read More »

Where was paper invented?

Paper was first invented in ancient Egypt around 2900 B.C. from the flattened and dried husks of the Papyrus plant. The word "paper" comes from the Greek word for the same plant. The paper-making p... Read More »

Who invented the first paper bag?

Francis Wolle invented the first paper bag. Wolle designed a machine to make paper bags and received a patent for it in the United States in 1852. The paper bag provided customers with a way to car... Read More »

Where was paper ink invented?

The first ink, called "India ink," was invented in China by Chinese philosopher Tien-Lcheu in 2697 B.C. According to the website, this ink did not gain popularity until about 1200 B.C.Source:Chines... Read More »