When was cloning first demonstrated?

Answer Animal cloning was first demonstrated in 1952 using the method of nuclear transfer. The nucleus from an early embryo cell of a frog was transferred into an egg whose nucleus had been removed. It wa... Read More »

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What is demonstrated organizational skills?

Demonstrated organizational skills is one of those catchy phrases you hear thrown around interviews and on your annual performance evaluation. While it may appear to be a subjective phrase, busines... Read More »

What leadership qualities has Oprah Winfrey demonstrated?

If one thinks being the queen of woo is a leadership quality then that quality has been demonstrated often by Winfrey.

What change in US foreign policy was demonstrated by the passage of the cash and carry act?

The United States has condemned Hamas' actions and continues to label them a terrorist organization. It endorses, but does not assist in maintaining the blockade of Gaza. However, the Obama Adminis... Read More »

Which change in US foreign policy is demonstrated by the passage of these acts prior to World War 2?

idk what acts your talking about, but before WW2 the US was beginning to have more imperialistic policies. These can be seen in the US interactions with Latin America and Asia.