When was carnival glass first made?

Answer Carnival glass, originally known as "Iridescent Ware," was first made in 1907 by the Fenton Art Glass Company. Some pieces eventually became popular as prizes at carnivals and fairgrounds, earnin... Read More »

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When were glass bottles first made?

The first glass bottles appear to have been made around 1500 B.C., in ancient Egypt. However, the widespread use of glass bottles corresponds to the evolution of the glassblowing industry. The Roma... Read More »

Who made the first glass window?

Glass windows, as we know them today, were first developed by the Romans in Alexandria, Egypt, around 100 BC. They discovered that adding manganese oxide to the process created clear glass. Soon af... Read More »

What was the first glass made by Libbey Inc.?

Libbey's Glass began in 1818 as the New England Glass Company. It moved to Ohio in 1888, and in 1898 the company name was changed to the Libbey Glass Company. The earliest glass products manufactur... Read More »

What was the first glass design made at the Libbey Company?

The New England Glass Company originally produced mercury glass, colored art glass, doorknobs and railroad lamps. After changing its name to Libbey Glass, the company became known for its heavily l... Read More »