When was canada's national flag adopted?

Answer Canada's national flag was adopted in late 1964 by the country's Senate and House of Commons. Queen Elizabeth II proclaimed that the new maple leaf design would become Canada's national flag, effec... Read More »

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When was the North Carolina flag adopted?

When North Carolina seceded from the Union in 1861, it adopted a new constitution and approved a state flag. North Carolina's troops used this flag throughout the Civil War. In 1885, the state adop... Read More »

When was Japan's flag officially adopted?

The Japanese national flag was officially adopted by the Japanese national assembly in August 1999. Called the hinomaru, or “sun circle,” the flag features a large red disc on a white backgroun... Read More »

Who adopted the Albania flag?

Independent Albania's president and later king, Amet Zogu, adopted the country's flag in 1920 after replacing an older version dating back to 1914. The Albanian Parliament enacted legislation in 19... Read More »

What rights do non adopted siblings have when 1 sibling is adopted?

the sibling that hasn't been adopted normally would have the rite to go and see their adopted sibling but it is up to the adoptive parents, social workers advise the adopted parents to allow the si... Read More »