When was bone cancer discovered?

Answer Bone cancer was first discovered by the Egyptians around 1600 B.C. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), tumors have been uncovered in fossilized remains of ancient Egyptians. St... Read More »

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Who discovered bone cancer?

The oldest description of cancer comes from the Edwin Smith Papyrus, a collection of medical writings that date back to approximately 1600 B.C. Our modern conception of bone cancers, however, is de... Read More »

My mom experience bone cancer. Can Tian xian liquid cure bone cancer?

This liquid is also called Tien-Hsien liquid. There have been no human clinical trials conducted for the safety or effacy of this product ( no benefit has been documented). No evidence exists that ... Read More »

Im 16 and I might have bone cancer?

The tumor is probably osteosarcoma. If the cancer cells are confined to he tumor, the odds weight heavily toward successful treatment. If it has already spread beyond the bone marrow, the odds ... Read More »

Is bone cancer hereditary?

Primary bone cancer is not hereditary; however, people with certain hereditary disorders such as retinoblastoma, Paget's disease or Li-Fraumeni syndrome have higher chances of developing bone cance... Read More »