When was asbestos removed from Artex?

Answer Used to coat surfaces, especially ceilings, in homes, Artex did commonly use asbestos until 1985. The asbestos helped to thicken the coating. Any Artex applied after the mid-1980s, though, is safe ... Read More »

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Is there asbestos in Artex?

Artex is a thick, plaster-like type of paint that often is used on walls or ceilings. Until 1984, a small amount of asbestos material was used in Artex, but Artex produced after 1984 does not cont... Read More »

Does Artex contain asbestos?

Manufacturers of Artex used asbestos in the product in the mid-1980s, according to Portsmouth City Council. Most Artex produced after that time does not contain asbestos, although some companies ma... Read More »

How to Test the Air After Asbestos Has Been Removed?

Asbestos removal is a difficult process and, if not handled competently, it may stir up fibers and cause them to become airborne. Only a trained fibrologist using a high-powered microscope can defi... Read More »

Does asbestos need to be removed before an energy audit?

Asbestos does not have to be removed before an energy audit. As long as the asbestos is not disturbed, it is not dangerous. Even if an area containing asbestos is damaged, it can be encapsulated or... Read More »