When was artificial ice invented?

Answer The first machine to produce artificial ice was invented in 1851 by a physician in Florida, John Gorrie. He invented artificial ice because he was convinced cold helped the healing process. He is c... Read More »

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When was artificial lighting invented?

Technically speaking, fire was the very first artificial light source. Fire was first controlled by early man between 1.4 and 1.5 million years ago. The use of fire evolved to include torches, hear... Read More »

Who invented the artificial heart?

Dr. Robert Jarvik invented the artificial heart, dubbed the Jarvik 7. Surgeons performed the first successful artificial heart transplant on Barney Clark in 1982. Clark survived for 112 days with t... Read More »

Who invented the first artificial eye?

The first artificial eyes were invented in Iran in approximately 5000 BC. In the 16th century, Ambrose Pare, a French surgeon, wrote about artificial eyes being inserted into an eye socket. Glass a... Read More »

Who invented the artificial ice machine?

John Gorrie, a Florida physician, invented the artificial ice machine, according to his biography from the University of South Florida. Gorrie was convinced that cold was healthy and invented an ar... Read More »