When was advertising for smoking illegal?

Answer Serious efforts to regulate the advertising of tobacco products began in the legislature in 1969. On April 1, 1970, President Richard Nixon signed a bill making it illegal for smoking ads to run on... Read More »

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Is advertising on sites like Facebook illegal in the US?

Here in the US it is llegal do that kind of stuff. That's how myspae and facebook are free. They get money from the advertiser. So, they don't have to charge us for using their site. They charge th... Read More »

Should smoking be illegal?

Its Not illegal but It spoil ur health. You are chain smoker r occationally

Why is smoking weed illegal?

Possession and use of marijuana is illegal under United States law. It is considered by the government to have a high potential for abuse and potential health risks. The legal status of marijuana i... Read More »

Smoking.. should it be made illegal?

I think that it should be illegal. After all, any product that harms one's health as much as tobacco use--yet has no legitament uses due to its adictive properties--really doesn't make sense in a ... Read More »