When was the University of Texas established?

Answer In 1839, the Texas legislature ordered a university site be established for the education of literature and arts and sciences. Financial and political issues and disagreement over the site location... Read More »

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When was Washington's state capital established?

Washington was added as the 42nd state in the United States on November 11, 1889. At that time Olympia was established as the capital of Washington, after much contest with the larger cities of the... Read More »

What was Black History Month originally called, who established it&when was it established?

In February 1926, the historian Dr. Carter G. Woodson established a week of celebration of African American life and history called Negro History Week. By 1975, the name had changed to Black Histor... Read More »

When was Sam Houston State University built?

Sam Houston State University's first building, Austin Hall, was built in 1851, and was first used in 1852. Today, the building remains the oldest state-owned building of post-secondary education th... Read More »

What kind of degree did Oprah Winfrey get when she graduated from Tennessee state university?