When was Stonehedge Condominium in Silver Spring MD built?

Answer Your local county assessor can answer your question.

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Does the owner of a condominium also owns the land on which it is built?

AnswerCheck the language on the deed of trust. Usually, all of the owners own the land and parts of the building in common, so no one individual has the right alone to decide anything about it.

Is the spring attached to an automated garage door considered part of the common area of a condominium?

Theoretically, yes.However, depending on why the spring's status is in question, it may be that replacing or repairing the spring is the responsibility of an individual owner.During regular prevent... Read More »

Is a garage door common property in a condominium townhouse with a built-in drive under garage?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the door, who is responsible for maintaining it and how maintenance and access are defined. In this case, your garage, its door, overhead lights ... Read More »

When was the stonehedge roughly born the same time as?

Stonehedge was not born but made by someone or something unknown to mankind at this time although there have been many Theories such as Aliens (Unlikley) or it could be a Observation point for some... Read More »