When was Saturday the first day of the week?

Answer The Judeo-Christian calendar evolved from the Roman calendar somewhere around 200 A.D., and both Christian and Jewish theologians seem to agree that Saturday is, and has been, the seventh day of th... Read More »

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Who is the guest host on Saturday Night Live this week?

Go here and find the guy labeled "Brad G."

Well this is going to be pretty long; So I started school 1 week ago (It's Saturday right now) and I've rode t?

Well, it seemed like he said he never gets the chance to talk to you while you're on the bus because you're always on your ipod, so just don't constantly listen to your ipod while on the bus. He mi... Read More »

Can I change Outlook Calendar week to start on Sunday and end on Saturday?

1. go to calendar folder of outlook, click Month(with 31 on left side) button, by default you have Monday on the far left, and Sat/Sun on the far right2. right click on 1 of the day on the calendar... Read More »

Can you get a copy of a tv recording from rolf on Saturday ok from 1980i was in a tv series rolf on Saturday ok and it was done from angel road middle school norwich featuring Dana as a guest.?

I'm pretty sure it was something like "Book, Look, and Listen".There were 3 characters that lived in the woods, A Projector (Hector Projector), A mouse with Headphones / sound equipment, and a kind... Read More »