Who founded the city of Rome, Italy?

Answer According to Roman legend, the city of Rome was founded on April 21, 753 B.C. by twin brothers Romulus and Remus. Beyond legend, the city's exact founders are unknown, but archaeologists have uncov... Read More »

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Who founded Baghdad, Iraq; when was it founded?

The city of Baghdad, Iraq, was founded by Caliph Al Mansur, who lived in the 8th century. There is evidence of civilizations in the area of Baghdad before this time, though not under the name Baghd... Read More »

How was the growth of arts under the rulers of Rome until the fall of Rome in the 500 century bBc?

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When was ancient Rome most powerful?

The pinnacle of ancient Rome's power was from 96 A.D. to 108 A.D. During this period known as the "Five Good Emperors," Rome controlled a region of about 2.5 million square miles from Spain to Syri... Read More »

When did julius caesar cross the rubicon river&change the history of rome forever?

Julius Caesar led his loyal army across the Rubicon River in 49 BC. This event marked the beginning of a civil war that would result in the institution of the Roman dictatorship and the expansion o... Read More »