Was Pluto discovered by a Hubble telescope?

Answer The Hubble telescope was not involved in the discovery of the dwarf planet Pluto. The American astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930, decades before the existence of the Hubble tele... Read More »

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Why is pluto called pluto?

Pluto was first observed in 1930, 25 years after the American astronomer Percival Lowell first theorized its existence. Its naming continued a long-established tradition of naming planets after Rom... Read More »

When were the Fiji Islands discovered& who discovered them?

The original inhabitants of the islands of Fiji came from Melanesia some 3,500 years ago. Dutch explorer Abel Janzsoon Tasman sighted the northeast islands of Fiji in 1643. British Captain James Co... Read More »

When was pluto the dog first seen?

Pluto's image first appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Chain Gang" in 1930, but at the time he did not yet have a name. He first appeared as Mickey Mouse's dog, Pluto, in the 1931 animated f... Read More »

What kind of dog is pluto ?

Pluto is the animated dog that was developed by Walt Disney as Mickey's pet. In 1930, he made his first appearance in film as a bloodhound in the The Chain Gang.Source:The Encyclopedia of Disney An... Read More »