When was Norbert Rillieux born?

Answer Norbert Rillieux, an engineer and American inventor, was born March 17, 1806. His most notable invention was the multiple-effect evaporator, which was a machine used to evaporate water to refine s... Read More »

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When did Norbert Rillieux die?

Norbert Rillieux died on Oct. 8, 1894, in France, but was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was known for inventing a multieffect vacuum evaporator for sugar cane, which revolutionized the sugar-r... Read More »

Who is Norbert Rillieux?

Norbert Rillieux was an inventor whose triple evaporation pan system, patented in 1843, was instrumental in improving the safety, quality and performance efficiency of the sugar refining industry. ... Read More »

What did Norbert Rillieux invent?

Norbert Rillieux was the African-American inventor of the sugar processing evaporator, patented in 1864. For the processing and refinement of cane sugar, Rillieux created a way to evaporate sugar c... Read More »

Why does Lincoln Burrows say Michael Scofield was born in 1976 when the final episode of Prison Break has his tombstone say he was born in 1974?

Lincoln Burrows stated that the picture of Christina Scofield and Michael as an infant in front of a car was falsified because the automobile in the photo was manufactured in 1976 but Michael was a... Read More »