When was Mercury invented?

Answer it wasn't invented, it happened when God made the universe .. mercury is an element it was not "invented" but discovered.

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Who invented the mercury thermometer in 1714?

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit invented the mercury thermometer in 1714. He was a German physicist who lived from 1686 to 1736. His thermometer was based on a scale he developed with 32 degrees as the f... Read More »

Why was the planet Mercury named Mercury?

In Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of commerce and travel; his Greek counterpart was Hermes, messenger of the gods. The planet Mercury was probably named after the god because of its quick pas... Read More »

How far away from the sun is Mercury?

According to NASA, Mercury, which is the closest planet to the sun, orbits an average distance of 36 million miles (58 million km). It is 28.5 million miles (46 million km) away at its closest poin... Read More »

Where is mercury used?

According to Jefferson Lab, the element mercury is used in the production of thermometers and other scientific instruments. It also conducts electricity and helps manufacturers produce position-dep... Read More »