When was Mars candy first made?

Answer In 1911, spouses Frank C. Mars and Ethel V. Healy created their first candy recipe in a Tacoma, Washington kitchen. The butter cream candies inspired the pair to open the Mars Candy Factory. There,... Read More »

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Where is Mars candy made?

Mars candy is produced in McLean, Virginia. The creation of the Milky Way candy bar was responsible for the Mars company's initial success. Other brands launched by the Mars company include Dove, M... Read More »

When was horehound candy first made?

Horehound candy is made from the plant Marrubium vulgare L., which is a member of the mint family. The first recorded recipe is by writer Marcus Gavius Apicius of the first century B.C.--but it onl... Read More »

What country does Mars have its candy made in?

Mars candy bars are made in manufacturing plants all over the world. In 1932 the Mars Company created the Mars Bar; today, it is produced in many of Mars' manufacturing plants in over 68 countries.... Read More »

When were Butterfinger candy bars first made?

Chicago's Curtiss Candy Company unveiled the Butterfinger candy bar in 1928, when it sponsored a contest for fans to choose the confection's name. Nestle acquired the rights to the crunchy peanut b... Read More »