When was London the first city to exceed a population of 1,000,000?

Answer In 1760, London had about 750,000 residents. The first reliable modern census was undertaken in 1801, citing the total population as 1,096,784. By 1815 the population had risen to 1.4 million, maki... Read More »

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How do you fight city hall on the issue of whether the weeds in your yard can exceed three feet?

By weeds, are you referring to unwanted vegetation or door-to-door proselytizers?Oh wait, those are the same things....

How far is gatwick, london from the city center of london?

London Gatwick Airport lies 28 miles south of central London, a trip of about an hour by car.The airport's nonstop Gatwick Express train, which runs on a 27-mile track, is 30 minutes from the city ... Read More »

How big is the City of London?

The ancient City of London is located in the center of Greater London and is surrounded by the seven London boroughs. Its measures 2.6 square kilometers in area, or about 1 square mile. The City of... Read More »

Which city is best sydney vs london?

Jaffer, cost of living is higher than London. Opportunities, weather life style Sydney for sure.Electronics, well I am going to tell you now, I bought a laptop in London, when I saw the same damn l... Read More »