Who was the secretary of state while Lincoln was running for president?

Answer During Abraham Lincoln’s election campaign in 1860, Lewis Cass was Secretary of State. Cass served as President James Buchanan’s Secretary of State until the end of 1860, then Jeremiah S. Black... Read More »

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Who was the first man President Lincoln asked to command the Union Army?

The first man that Lincoln asked to lead the Union Army in the Civil War was Gen. Robert E. Lee. Lee declined the offer because of loyalties to his home state of Virginia, which had sided with the... Read More »

When was the first lincoln penny made?

The first Lincoln cent was made in 1909. The portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the obverse was based on a sculpture by Victor David Brenner. The Lincoln cent was the first non-commemorative United Sta... Read More »

When was the first Lincoln Zephyr car made?

The first Lincoln Zephyr was made in 1936. It was named after the Burlington Zephyr train. The original Zephyrs went out of production in 1942, but in 2005, Lincoln created an updated model of the ... Read More »

What did Abe Lincoln say when he met Harriet Beecher Stowe?

He said that atlast he saw the little girl who brought the whole nation into war (Civil War) with her book Uncle Tom's Cabin. But some say that it just a rumor, but her book did create some problem... Read More »