When was Imam Mosque built?

Answer Construction began on the Imam Mosque in or near 1611, under the direction of Shah Abbas I. It was completed in 1638, after his death. Formerly called the Shah Mosque, the building is considered on... Read More »

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Can a woman be an imam?

In Islam, an imam is someone who leads a congregational prayer. Women can pray together in congregation with one woman acting as an imam. However, scholars disagree on whether a woman can be an ima... Read More »

Who is Imam Mahdi?

The Imam Mahdi, or Mahdi, is a religious title for an Islamic figure whose purpose varies by denomination. Generally the Imam Mahdi is defined as someone who will be a restorer of the faith, and es... Read More »

Who killed Imam Hassan?

Imam Hassan was a holy man favored by Muhammad. He was poisoned to death by his wife, Jodah bint Asash. Poison was put in his milk pot, and it was presented to Imam Hassan by Jodah bint Asash to br... Read More »

Who killed Imam Hussain?

Iman Hussain was born in 626 A.D. and was destined to be a martyr, according to Allah, who met him at an early age. He was killed in battle by Yazid's soldiers.References:Al-Islam: Imam Hussain Ibn... Read More »