Who made the wind vane?

Answer The earliest constructed weather vane to be recorded was created by a Greek astronomer named Andronicus of Kyrrhos. Andronicus built the Tower of the Winds in the year 48 B.C., upon which stood the... Read More »

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What are wind turbines made of?

According to Princeton Energy Resources International, typical wind turbine materials include pre-stressed concrete, aluminum, plastic that has been reinforced with glass or carbon filament, copper... Read More »

What alloy are many wind instruments made of?

Most wind instruments, such as tubas, French horns, trumpets and trombones, are made of brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc (usually in the proportion of two-thirds copper and one-third zin... Read More »

Who made the anemometer that is used to measure wind?

The Italian art architect Leon Battista Alberti invented the first mechanical anemometer in 1450. Sometimes falsely credited with the anemometer's discovery, Englishman Robert Hooke later developed... Read More »

What material are wind turbines made of?

Wind turbines are composed of various materials, depending on the size of the turbine and the components. In smaller turbines, machine parts are typically made of die cast aluminum, but forged or c... Read More »