When was Glen Scrimshaw born?

Answer Glen Scrimshaw is a painter who was born in 1959 in Big River, Saskatchewan. One of his paintings is "The Road of Life" and it is based on a song by Elaine Boskill.Source:Painting, Sculpture, Dr... Read More »

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How is scrimshaw done?

Scrimshaw is an American folk art popularized by whalers. Artists create scrimshaw by scratching designs into ivory.HistoryCarvings on ivory have been around since about 200 A.D., but American sail... Read More »

Why does Lincoln Burrows say Michael Scofield was born in 1976 when the final episode of Prison Break has his tombstone say he was born in 1974?

Lincoln Burrows stated that the picture of Christina Scofield and Michael as an infant in front of a car was falsified because the automobile in the photo was manufactured in 1976 but Michael was a... Read More »

When did the new born baby less born?

When will the baby be born when the due date is Nov 6 but when you went to the doctor today he told you that you were dilated 1cm?

It comes out of a woman's genitalia normally. Some babies are delivered by C section and that mean they have to cut below the woman's stomach to get the baby out.