When was Febreze invented?

Answer Febreze is a household product that utilizes a unique odor-removal technology to clean and clear odors from fabrics. In 1998, Febreze was introduced nationally as the first product of its kind.Sour... Read More »

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How do I get rid of a Febreze smell?

Deep CleaningAir the home out for several hours over the course of two days. Open all windows and doors, and turn on fans. Apply baking soda to the carpet to absorb the Febreze scent. Vacuum the ca... Read More »

Homemade febreze problem?

You can adjust the spray of most spritzer bottles by turning the knob on the nozzle. It adjusts for either a misting spray or a jet of water. It sounds like you've been using the spritzers on "je... Read More »

Where do you spray Febreze?

You can use Febreeze on your soft furniture, in your closet or on most clothes. It's great in the carpet and on soft chairs.Just up in the air is fine but if it lands on a hard surface floor, it wi... Read More »

How to Get Febreze Spray Stains Off a CD?

Have you had the misfortune of getting Febreze® on your CDs?