When was DNA testing invented?

Answer DNA was first mapped in 1953 by James Watson and Francis Crick. The method for DNA fingerprinting to identify individuals was introduced by Alec Jeffreys in 1984 and came into courtroom use in 1985... Read More »

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In which countries are the overseas testing locations of the US Army located and in what kind of testing are they involved?

The US doesn't tend to test within other countries' borders. However, they have many overseas testing locations, nearly all islands in the south pacific. Here, nuclear weapons were tested during th... Read More »

Oscilloscope Testing Techniques - Any Electronics site that Reveals Real-Life Component Testing?

Try the Electronic Repair site. It covers testing & repairing a vast number of components using oscilloscopes, multimeters and other industrial instruments.

Protocol testing and telecom testing difference?

Protocol testing is a general term used in communication industry with testing different protocols or standards. These are the different types of protocol testing :1)Data-com Protocol Testing ,Test... Read More »

What std's are they testing for?

They will only test for what ever you paid to get tested for........Blood testing: HIV, Herpes, Syphils, hepatitisUrine testing: Chlamydia, Ganorreah