When was DNA first used to convict criminals?

Answer The first time DNA was used in a courtroom to convict a criminal was in 1987. It was used to prove that a Florida teenager was guilty of sexual battery.Source:More About DNA and Criminal Cases

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Why is pip's convict fighting with the 2nd convict at the time of their capture?

because he doesn't like him and the second convict was like a dude that made him go to prison for a long time and was mean to him

90's police show where police use cars and money they confiscate from criminals All undercover police drive nice cars taken from criminals?

for family feud: sweating, grip armrest, shaking, close their eyes, throw up

Are the CIA criminals and terrorists?

no, they're good guys and a secret organization

How are criminals treated in FBI?

US bureaucracy has a paranoia about one person or group being in charge of more than one thing. So, all decisions and appointments must be approved by two or three different groups or individuals b... Read More »