When was Carre's Grammar School in Sleaford founded?

Answer Carre's Grammar School was founded in 1604. The school was relocated to its present location in 1835. Several renovations have been made, including building additions, since that time. As of 2003, ... Read More »

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When was the school Villanova founded?

Villanova University, located in Villanova, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1842 by the Augustinian Order. The university, which is now made up of five different colleges, originated from a collaborat... Read More »

When was the functionalism school of psychology founded?

The functionalism school of psychology--one of the earliest schools of psychology--was founded in 1896. This type of psychology is concerned with the functions of people's minds. William James and ... Read More »

When was the Gestalt school of psychology founded?

The Gestalt school of psychology was founded in the early 20th century by Max Wertheimer. The Gestalt-Theorie began officially in 1912 when Wertheimer wrote an article on the phi-phenomenon. The w... Read More »

Who founded Baghdad, Iraq; when was it founded?

The city of Baghdad, Iraq, was founded by Caliph Al Mansur, who lived in the 8th century. There is evidence of civilizations in the area of Baghdad before this time, though not under the name Baghd... Read More »