When was 10k white gold popular in the U.S& used in rings?

Answer 10k white gold has always been popular in the U.S., especially for rings. The nickel or palladium in the alloy provides durability to withstand daily wear. The historic gold high of $850/ounce in J... Read More »

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How is gold processed into rings?

From metal inside the earth to a lovely band around your finger is quite the process. These days, mining gold directly from the earth is in a steady decline because mining requires the use of harmf... Read More »

Types of Gold Used for Rings?

Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au and an atomic number of 79. For all of recorded history, gold has been a highly sought after item for its beauty and rarity. It's been used mostly for ... Read More »

How is gold made into rings?

Gold has been made into jewelry, particularly rings, for thousands of years. Though technology has changed, many of the processes remain the same for turning gold into rings.DesignThe design for a ... Read More »

How are rings tested for gold?

Gold has many imitators, which makes it difficult to know for sure whether your ring is pure gold, a combination of gold and other cheaper metals, or has no pure gold at all (i.e., fool's gold). T... Read More »