When walking with a girl what side does the guy walk on?

Answer On the side closer to the street.

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When riding a bike or walking on a side street do you walk with or against the traffic?

Straight out of the California Driver Handbook:Bicyclists on public streets have the same rights and responsibilities as automobile drivers. Respect the right-of-way of bicyclists because they are ... Read More »

What is this movie called with a white masked man with long legs walking with a girl by the side?

It depicts a slender man movie. Maybe named the tall man or something. You can search on google for slender man movies.

If you have a air cast walking boot can't you walk?

It depends.f the doctor didn't want you walking on your foot,they would've given you crutches.I'm in an air boot/cast right now and i'm walking.Re-tore the same ligaments in my foot and ankle.I'm s... Read More »

I walk 3 miles per day, is that enough walking for someone who works in an office?

Yes. It is far better than most office workers. In fact, it is excellent for an office worker. Try doing some exercises on weekends as well. Like jogging or swimming.