When using a wireless router what is the average Mbps speed?

Answer Its fine. That 54mbps is the max amount of seep it can have. The probable cause is you moved your comp further from the source or it how fast of a connection you have. What i mean is how you can ha... Read More »

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For wireless routers, etc... does this router have 300 mbps per channel or total?

They are CAPABLE of 300mbps. That doesn't mean they will provide it. You'll only get the internet speed you pay for. You can send and receive data to and from PCs on your network at 300mbps PROVIDI... Read More »

How to Set Up a Wireless Router to a High Speed Internet Connection?

Wireless routers allow you to access a high-speed Internet connection from anywhere in your home. Instead of having your computer or laptop plugged into your modem, the router is hooked up to the m... Read More »

How to Install a High Speed Modem, Filters and Wireless Router?

Dial-up connections were mainly designed to work with only one computer at a time. Setting up a home network with high-speed Internet is much more involved. Modems, filters and routers are all part... Read More »

Can a wireless router be connected to a wired router to make a wireless connection?

connect one of the ports (NOT the WAN) on the back of your wireless router to the wall jack the Landlord has setup. Make sure your router is set to a different IP range compared to the Landlords r... Read More »