When using a digital camera...?

Answer You can remove them by prevention before the photo is taken by using a polarized lens filter. The red dots are opposing mirror reflections inside the lens of a light on the exact other side of the ... Read More »

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Which is better: a digital camera using batteries or a camera using memory card?

any camera needs batteries -- that's the energy source.memory cards hold the pictures

What are five disadvanges of using a digital camera versus using a film camera?

Digital cameras have many great advantages -- and some definite annoyances. As digital cameras improve and prices drop, these following concerns are likely to be addressed before too long ( hope): ... Read More »

How to Send a Fax Using Your Digital Camera or Camera Phone Using Scanr?

Need to send a fax or get a copy of a document to someone, but don't have a fax machine? Using your digital camera or camera phone, you can avoid the trip to Kinko's.

How to Copy a Whiteboard With Your Digital Camera or Camera Phone Using ScanR?

Ever want the notes on a whiteboard, but didn't have the time to copy them by hand? Here's a fast, easy way to clean up photos of whiteboards.