When uploading video onto Ytube is there a way to have portrait vid be upright ?

Answer LOL Someone will answer that knows. I haven't the foggiest idea. Sorry. I starred it to help get some attention over here. I can't stop laughing. I was not expecting this. And, the video was sidew... Read More »

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Video uploading?

Try total video converterIf its stuff you shot yourself you dont need dvd shrink(eg its not copy protected)

Uploading a video to youtube?

You don't need to convert the files first. There are applications that perform the whole process themselves and in no time. Free YouTube Uploader for example. Besides, it is free and quirte easy to... Read More »

I need help about uploading a video to youtube?

AFTER you make the video on ur recorder you need to plug it into the computer and save the video into a file. then you go to movimaker and import video and find your file you saved and put it on mo... Read More »

I have an uploading video question!?

Your editing program is not compatible with your cameras video format. Sometimes if your computer is old and slow, that can cause problems too.