When u dust room, aren't u just moving dust about?

Answer Sounds like your excuse for not dusting ?

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The dust wont get out of my room?

get an air filter will help a bit but dust knows no boundrys

When cleaning a room, do you dust or vacuum first?

Hey !No ! The reason why is because if you are cleaning your room then things will obviously go on the floor and some dust will probably gather. If your room is super dirty then it will be nasty an... Read More »

Why does the room fill with dust when you run the vacuum cleaner?

Yes, but is normally not cost effective. The coils in the refrigerator are not repairable and whatever caused the first leak will cause the freon to leak out again. The companys make sure you need ... Read More »

How can greatly reduce or even better eliminate, the amount of dust in my room?

I would check some department stores for one of those Ionic Breeze machines that filter the air for dust and such. I have an african grey parrot (very VERY dusty bird by nature, if you dont know wh... Read More »