When u do an antispyware scan is it normal to find 20 or more items EVERY day?

Answer WOW, not really. Sounds like you are visiting sites that add a cookie to your list and track your usage. Disable your cookies, or at least make your security stronger. Some of these can also be int... Read More »

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I can't find any antispyware programmes that are actually FREE!?

Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware:…Ad-Aware 20007 Anti-Spyware:…Spybot-S&D:â... Read More »

How come it's not letting me scan items on the app checkpoints?

New hack!!! Download the app checkpoints from the iPod/iPhone app store and register for a new account and enter the promo code: "connote" It will give you 10000 points and 100 coins

Im doing the norton scan and Ive been scanning for ages, Ive scanned 272,356 items, how many more is there?

It should tell you a percentage of the scan. It's impossible for anyone to know how much data is on your computer. Obviously the more there is, the longer it takes.

I have a hp deskjet 2050 and I can't scan. It says I can't find the scan?

Go in control panel and click on Scanners and Cameras. You can use the scanner wizard to get the scanner working. Usually, you can click on Scanners and Cameras and you should see the HP icon there... Read More »