When to shave above your knee?

Answer You should shave all of both your legs when you notice them looking differently, although i would do it now, because if you dont notice, someone else will and they will let you know, embarrassing y... Read More »

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If your in your late 30s is it ok to wear a short dress above the knee?

GUUUUUUUURLYou're acting like your 70!Get out there and rock your dress!

Is it true when girls wear knee high socks, they forgot to shave their legs?

i think they wouldnt forget but not need to unless it gets to big and pokes trough :P

Ladies, when you shave your legs do you shave just the lower leg, or the upper leg too?

I try and shave my legs right up to my excellent pubic dreads, which are approximately 3" above my knees.

Do you shave above the knees?