When to replace words in terminal lines on Linux?

Answer You generally replace the text within the < and > with your specific text. You should also be able to look at their page to get a list of printer names and architectures. However, I'm a bit dubio... Read More »

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I cant log in to my linux virtual terminal.?

No, the virtual terminals use the same /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files as do the GUI logins.You must have typed the user name or password incorrectly.Try creating another user for testing purpose... Read More »

How to Replace Swear Words with Less Offensive Words?

Though you may not realize it, swearing actually offends people. Furthermore, many people who are offended are slow to make it known for fear of ridicule. Avoiding swearing can also make you appear... Read More »

How to Replace Car Battery Terminal?

Whether your vehicle is not starting or or your car battery terminals have never been replaced, changing them can keep your vehicle running at an optimum level. You should inspect the terminals at ... Read More »

How to Replace a Positive Battery Terminal?

If a positive battery terminal needs to be replaced, it is usually because it is bent, broken or corroded. Battery terminals are made of lead and are extremely soft. Corroded terminals drop voltag... Read More »