When to prune a fig tree?

Answer Prune fig trees immediately after harvesting the main crop of fruits. If the fig tree is a late-producing cultivar, prune half the tree in the summer and prune the other half the following summer. ... Read More »

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How and when do you prune a prunus padus tree commonly known as a bird cherry tree.?

When to Prune a Lime Tree?

Since lime fruits are naturally light, they don't weight down branches enough to stress them. Lime wood's naturally strong shape and structure, combined with this fruit's light weight, mean you don... Read More »

When to prune a magnolia tree?

The best time to prune a magnolia tree is after it has bloomed, which is in the early summer. Magnolias did not always respond well to pruning due to the fact that wounds created by pruning do not ... Read More »

When do I prune a hibiscus tree in zone 5?

No matter the planting zone, hibiscus pruning follows a specific pruning time dependent upon variety. The hardy hibiscus should be pruned in the fall, while the tropical hibiscus is typically prune... Read More »